March 4, 2010

More food, and more fun!

On Monday we had Camryn's 6 month check up, and also a weight check for Connor.

Connor's doing well - he was 28 pounds and change, and just over 36". he's gaining slow and steady, as per usual! He's been a pretty good eater these last few days, more willing to try new things, so I'm considering that a giant leap in the right direction!

He's still loving school, and will ask pretty much every morning if today is a school day! He no longer even hesitates when I leave, he just says, "Bye Mom!" and heads of to play! I've been asked to take on the role of Treasurer for the Preschool next year as well! It's a little intimidating, but I'm going to meet the current Treasurer next week and learn the process! I'm excited to be involved in Connor's school, but hoping I don't get overwhelmed once I go back to work out of the home, also.

Connor and Camryn are starting to play together, and it's pretty adorable! Connor will head over to give Cam a toy or dance and sing for her if she's unhappy and I can't get right to her. It's so nice to see the love between them grow! I think that Connor is finally realizing that she is a person and not just a blob that cries and poops! (Though he still does ask for 'the pink stuff' (aka the Febreeze spray) when he gets a whiff of her dirty diaper!!




Camryn's appointment went well also! She's 14 pounds and half an ounce, which is almost a full pound less than Connor was at 6 months. (Why do I continue to compare them? I don't know!) The Dr. gave us the go ahead to feed Camryn anything that I want to (no dairy, of course!) saying that there is no correlation between delaying foods, and the likelihood of an allergy developing. He said peanut butter, eggs, chocolate, all of those things were okay, as long as the consistency was appropriate for her.  I still think I will hold of on those things until a year though, there's so many other things I want her to try first, anyway!

So, I made her some steamed apples, pureed and then strained to an absolutely silky perfection... i added just the right hint of cinnamon...they were divine, if I do say so myself! I had given Camryn a slice of apple to suck on while I was making them, and she went absolutely batty for it, so I was just giggling with the anticipation of how happy she would be to try my applesauce! I mean, she devours rice cereal like it's going out of style, so this has got to be a step up, right???

Wrong!!! She acted as if I gave her a lemon!!! She kept opening her mouth up for more but would give this unpleased face after every bite! Of course, when I think about it, it's the first thing she's ever eaten with a real taste, so I bet it was pretty overwhelming for her! I now add it into her rice cereal, and all is well again!




We've also started using the bath ring for her, and now she and Connor can bath together without me in there,(without me in the tub, I mean, I'm obviously still in the bathroom! I reread that and realized I sounded completely negligent!) and I think they have a pretty good time! I have to use a towel to keep her from slipping, but I think she's totally loving having a little more freedom! 

Well, that's about it for now! Looking forward to spring, and being able to have the kids outside together!


Corinne said...

So cute! the apple pictures are the best.

Double Duty Mommy said...

lol, I love your daughters little spiky hair, so cute.

Following you now!

follow me?

Mom x2 said...

Your babies are growing up right before my eyes! How wonderful for Connor to be getting so independent! Camryn is going to be a fun one to introduce new foods to. Maybe her love of food will shoot her up into a higher weight class! That's what happened to Rasa!

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