September 25, 2009

A slight resemblace?

It's amazing to me how much Camryn looks like Connor did as a newborn. Sometimes when I put Cami in one of Connor's old sleepers, I get goosebumps! As she gets older and a little less 'newborn' i see more differences come through though!

September 20, 2009

He's potty trained!!! Well... mostly.

Call me crazy, but I decided to potty train Connor when Camryn was just three weeks old. He'd started to try and aim his pee around while in the tub, so I knew he was ready, and thought I should teach him where to point that thing before he came up with ideas on his own!
We got a sticker chart, and told him he would get a sticker after every pee, and then a prize after every 10 pees. The first day and a half he peed all over the house, but then, while I was downstairs I heard "Mom, I peed!!!" And of course I thought, "oh no, on what!" But as I came upstairs I asked, "Did you pee in the potty?" And he shouted happily, "I DID!!" and we have never looked back! He's been in big boy underwear ever since, with the exception of a couple nights. He had a couple mid-night accidents, so we went back to pull ups for a while, but after about a week, he asked for big boy underwear again, and has been dry in the mornings since. We've been out a number of times for varying lengths of time, and he;s always done really well! He's never gone in a public restroom yet, but we bring the potty along in the minivan, and he'll let us know when he needs to use it. All in all the process has gone much more smoothly than I ever could have imagined!

He'll still happily exclaim, "I'm going to get another sticker!!" When he is peeing, so I am not completely sure how to stop giving the stickers as a reward, and he's also started to try and put his sticker in the "reward" spot at the end of his chart so he can get his prize sooner! We'll have to find a way to wean him off the sticker chart soon! I'm thinking I might replace it with a soother chart, and see if I can break him of his soother that way. The soother will be much harder than potty training - this I am sure of!

September 7, 2009

Brother & Sister.

Things went really well upon arriving home from the hospital. Connor seems to really enjoy hugging Camryn and holding her.  He has already thrown a sippy cup at her and dumped peach juice on her face though, but I guess that's what big brothers are meant to do! Connoor has been very patient when I am feeding Camryn, and seems to understand that Mommy can't do everything he needs right when he needs it. he has certainly had more tantrums than before, but they don't seem to be related to Camryn, at least not directly. Hell get upset because we can't go outside, or because we can't bake cupcakes, not because I can't play with him right now. All in all, he's pretty much the best big brother ever!

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