December 12, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Tonight Auntie Theresa & Uncle Gord came over to watch Connor and Camryn so that Derek and I could finish up our Christmas shopping, and go for dinner. It was amazing how much you can accomplish when you don't have to unbuckle car seats and manage children in carts! It was a chilly day to be out, -31C, but despite the deep freeze, I finally got into the Christmas spirit! For some reason, when I am not working, and not around all the decorations, parties, potlucks, etc., that come with being at work, Christmas just seems to sneak up on me, and I never feel into it until it's almost too late! In fact, we haven't even put up our tree yet, but that is our plan for tomorrow, and we may even decorate a gingerbread house!

Camryn: She's been a cranky one of late.  We used to count on her falling asleep around 7-8pm, and sleeping until the wee hours of the morning. She'd do a 6-7 hour stretch no problem. For the last week or so, it's been a struggle to get her down before 10pm and then she's up every 3 hours like clock-work all night long. Maybe it's a growth spurt, but we also think it could be teething! She's drooling like crazy, and always has her hands in her mouth, but it's hard to say. Connor's first tooth was at around 8 months, so this seems so early!

Back on November 30th I got her weighed and measured. Her stats are:
11lbs, 3oz

So, she seems to be gaining at a similar pace as her brother, slow and steady.

Hmm, what else is new? She is getting better at grabbing things, and she's become a HUGE splasher in the bath tub! Most nights I just take her in the tub with me, because giving her a bath in the baby tub gets me, and everything else completely soaked, so I might as well just  have a bath too!

Her hair is hilarious! She's rubbed most of it off around the back and sides, but it's still so long on top it's in to her eyes! She's basically given herself a mohawk!

She babbles like crazy, and is starting to make mmm and baaa sounds, which is totally cute! She's also in love with teddy bears of all kind! It's neat to see the differences between her and Connor, who was not a babbler, and not in to stuffies much at all.

Camryn is growing up so fast! it seems like just a blink of an eye and another week, another month, has gone by!  Mommy and Daddy are looking forward to your first Christmas baby girl!

 Connor: He's turning into a big kid right before my eyes. Yesterday we went to see Santa, and though he was very excited the whole way there, when he saw Santa, he got a little wary about actually having to sit on his lap. So what did he say?  "Camryn first!" That's right - send your baby sister out to test the waters! Once Camryn was safely sitting on one knee, Connor was okay to get on the other, and when asked what he'd like for Christmas, he said the same thing he's been asking for for over a month, "A Diego toy!"

After seeing Santa, we headed to Superstore to pick up some things, and had a huge scare - just as we were self-checking our last few items, Connor says he's going to play hide and seek, and starts backing away. And even as I was saying no, not here, he darts away. I'm sure I see him go around a Christmas display, and I hear his little giggle, but when I look around it, he's gone, just like that. After an agonizing 10 minutes, alerting staff, security, and managers, Derek finally spies him, with a staff member, being asked where his parents were. The scariest part of it all? Connor still just thought we were playing a game. "I was finding you!" he said as we were reunited.

We did our best to explain to him that not all people are nice, and that Mommy and Daddy would be very sad if he ran away in a big store and we couldn't find him. I explained what strangers are, and why it's important to stay with us when we are out. He remembered it today, so I am hoping something stuck with him. It was terrifying to say the least, and my heart aches thinking of how differently it could have ended. My big boy... getting so independent, still so unaware of what's out there. Don't grow up too fast, my little man, I miss the days when you had no desire to be out of arms reach.

November 29, 2009

She rolled!!

Well, yesterday Camryn turned three months old, and today she just turned!! It was a little scary actually, because I had her on the kitchen table attempting to get enough light to take some pictures, and she just rolled from her tummy to her back! I had thought it may be coming, because the last few times on her tummy, she seemed to want to go on her side, but today she went right over, and quickly! So, I'm going to be giving her some more tummy time tomorrow to see if I can confirm this roll!

Here's a picture, just seconds before the elusive roll was witnessed! :)

November 27, 2009

Where does the time go?

It's been a few weeks since I've updated, it's amazing how fast the time goes! I've taken a renewed interest in my camera lately so I have quite a few pictures to post, but first let me get to what is new with the kids:

Camryn - We had her follow up appointment with the pediatrician on November 16th, and he also agrees with the milk protein allergy theory. Since I last posted, there has been no blood showing up in her diapers, so that's definitely a step in the right direction. She weighed 10 pounds 12 ounces at her appointment, so she's still gaining weight albeit even more slowly than Connor, who was a half pound lighter at birth, and over 12 pounds at 3 months old. Camryn is three months tomorrow, but I'm fairly certain she hasn't broken the 12 pound mark yet! I'm planning on taking her in to get weighed on Monday.  A few days ago I foolishly thought I should try something  that 'may contain milk' and the next day she barely slept, spit up a ton, and pooped like crazy! So, it'll be a long time before I try that again!

In other news, Camryn is starting to grab at things, loves playing with my fingers, and has let out a few tiny chuckles! She's trying to roll from back to tummy, and if she's sitting fairly upright will attempt to get into a sitting position. She's really turned into a little person - I see more of her personality every day, and I can tell this little angel is going to be a troublemaker!

Connor - Ah, my big boy Connor. He's having a rough go lately. I think he may FINALLY be getting his last set of molars. I thought he was a little sick, like we all were, but he's sticking his fingers in his mouth again, and his cheeks are red. He finally got rid of the soother a few weeks back too, which is a huge relief to me, I hated that thing! It was an accident really, we couldn't find it so he just had to go without! He asked about it for three days I think, and hasn't mentioned it since! Derek actually jokingly tried to stick Camryn's in his mouth and he threw it away, and said, "I'm not a baby!!" He's also not napping any more, though to be honest I think he still needs it because he gets so ornery in the afternoons. Tonight he fell asleep in Derek's lap at about 5 o'clock. It was really sweet, but then he absolutely did not want to be in bed at bedtime, he fought us for almost two hours! So, we won't be letting that happen again!

He really does love being a big brother, he's quite gentle with Camryn for the most part, and loves to give her hugs and kisses. He's going through a very rebellious phase though, and I'm not sure if it's just his age, or if he's upset about having to share the attention. He's started hitting when angry, and kicking, and saying "NO!" quite emphatically to pretty much anything we ask of him. He does things he knows he shouldn't do, and when you tell him to stop, he will say, "I don't want to!" and carry on with even more tenacity.  When he goes to his room for a time out,(he never stayed put in a chair) he will scream, throw toys, and hit the door, but, when he calms down, we ask him what he learned, and he will always say in the sweetest voice, "No hitting, sorry for hitting mommy." And it just melts my heart - until the next time, anyway! I try to do one-on-one things with him as much as possible during the day, but I need to do more. Thankfully Camryn is finally able to amuse herself for short periods of time, so hopefully I can give a little more to my firstborn. He's got a tough role to play, and I want to be there for him, every step of the way.


November 5, 2009

Where do I start?!?!

Well, it has been a long time since I have posted. I think I need to designate a specific evening for blogging before all other things, so at least I can ensure one update per week! Life has kept us busy the past few weeks.

Camryn seems to be having some health issues. Over the past three weeks she has spit up blood, and had some blood show up in her stools. We've had her to three separate ER's, and the current diagnosis is that she is allergic to the cow's milk protein that is in my breast milk. So, I have been completely dairy free for about 9 days now. The thing is, she seems to be getting worse, nor better, so we aren't sure what to think! The last Dr at the Stollery Hospital has referred us to a pediatrician to investigate things further, but we don't get to see him until the 16th of November, so until then we are supposed to just wait, unless we start seeing new symptoms, which we haven't- it's just that the old symptoms are showing up more often. She's still healthy and happy(aside from when she's cranky!) so we are just biding our time until the appointment.

Camryn had her two month shots on Tuesday, and she screamed like crazy during them! Connor came along and was not impressed with the nurse for hurting his little sister! She was also weighed and measured, and her stats are:

Weight: 10lbs 5oz
Height: 22.25oz

She's in the 50th percentile for both height and weight, but despite being half a pound heavier than Connor at birth, she weighs a few ounces less than he did at two months. I'm not sure if she is just going to be a very slow gainer, as Connor is, or if this is something related to her health issues.  Once again, we'll just have to wait and see!

In other news, this was Connor's first year of Trick Or Treating for Halloween, and he had a blast! We went with his cousins Courtney and Jacob in Fort Saskatchewan, and then popped in at Oma and Opa's house for a special treat at the end of the night. After every house Connor would say, "Now what house are we going to?" And he actually tried to walk in to a few houses if they had a pet! He didn't nap that day so by the end of the night he was having trouble even walking down the steps of people's houses! He still asks if we can go again! Thankfully  he doesn't know how long a year is, because he seems okay when we tell him we will go again next year!

Today I attempted raking the leaves with Cami in the Snugli, and Connor helping.  It was +17 today so we just couldn't stay inside!! Connor took off into the back yard and drove his quad, but Camryn fell asleep, so I managed to get half the fron done while raking with one hand! I made a decent pile just as Derek came home from work, so he snapped a few photos!

October 8, 2009

Snow already.

When we were out shopping yesterday, I picked Connor up a new pair of winter boots. He  picked them out, actually, and was very excited to wear them, but I told him he didn't need to wear them yet, as there was no snow. Well, wasn't he excited this morning to find a layer of snow on the ground when he woke up! He ran over to the deck and said, "Snow?? It's winter time, I need my boots!!!!" And it was all I could do to get some breakfast in him before he had to head outside. It was quite windy though, so he came in pretty quickly!!

Thankfully, most of the snow has melted, but the forecast is much the same for the next two weeks, so I am sure Connor will have many more chances to get out in the snow!

Another weigh in.

Yesterday was a good day! Despite the fact that Camryn threw up what seemed to be twice her body weight first thing yesterday morning, she was much happier than the day before, and actually slept pretty much all morning, so I decided to be brave and head out with both kids by myself for the first time! It was a quick trip to Superstore to get some fall clothes for the kids. (Superstore is one of the few places where the pants have adjustable waistbands, which is a necessity if I am to get pants that fit Connor in both length and width). I put Camryn in my sling, and Connor in the cart, and it went really well! Both kids stayed happy and well behaved the whole time! (Of course, Camryn was asleep, and I promised Connor a toy!) We picked out some clothes, got Connor some moon sand, and then headed home!

Back in Gibbons I thought I should stop and get Camryn weighed again, as it had been just over two weeks. Since my wee ones are slow gainers, I get a bit obsessive of their weight gain at first. Camryn weighed in at 9 pounds 9.5 ounces, which is up 10 ounces from her last weigh in, 16 days ago. Most kids will gain an ounce a day or more at this age, so it seems like she will be just like her brother - in the weight gain department at least!

All in all, it was a good day!  And here's a couple of Camryn's latest pictures, in one of her new sleepers:

October 6, 2009

Not all babies are the same...

I am constantly amazed at how much Camryn cries. Today she literally cried more than she slept, and it just breaks my heart that I can't fix her. Sometimes I think she just has a hard time falling asleep, because she always cries when she is tired. She will go from smiling and happy, to crying in almost an instant, and I know she's tired because in the moments she is calm her eyes will droop closed. I wonder if I just need to try getting her to sleep sooner, but, she doesn't give much warning before the crying to let me know she is tired. Her back arches and her legs flail around too, and, she farts like a champion, so maybe it is colic like the Dr. said, though the gas drops don't seem to do anything. Connor wasn't nearly this bad as a newborn, so this is a whole new ball game to me.

And speaking of Connor, I feel bad for him too because he never gets any attention during the day, I am always holding Camryn, or feeding Camryn. It's no wonder he's starting to act out. I get so frustrated with him, and then I just feel terrible because I know he'd be a million times happier if I could just give him more one-on-one time. I hope that Camryn gets through this stage soon so that our household can find it's balance again.

October 2, 2009

First Smiles!

Camryn has started smiling recently, and we finally got a couple on camera. She's still pretty shy with her smiles, and since most of her awake time is spent crying, they are still pretty rare. Hoping to see more of them soon!

September 25, 2009

A slight resemblace?

It's amazing to me how much Camryn looks like Connor did as a newborn. Sometimes when I put Cami in one of Connor's old sleepers, I get goosebumps! As she gets older and a little less 'newborn' i see more differences come through though!

September 20, 2009

He's potty trained!!! Well... mostly.

Call me crazy, but I decided to potty train Connor when Camryn was just three weeks old. He'd started to try and aim his pee around while in the tub, so I knew he was ready, and thought I should teach him where to point that thing before he came up with ideas on his own!
We got a sticker chart, and told him he would get a sticker after every pee, and then a prize after every 10 pees. The first day and a half he peed all over the house, but then, while I was downstairs I heard "Mom, I peed!!!" And of course I thought, "oh no, on what!" But as I came upstairs I asked, "Did you pee in the potty?" And he shouted happily, "I DID!!" and we have never looked back! He's been in big boy underwear ever since, with the exception of a couple nights. He had a couple mid-night accidents, so we went back to pull ups for a while, but after about a week, he asked for big boy underwear again, and has been dry in the mornings since. We've been out a number of times for varying lengths of time, and he;s always done really well! He's never gone in a public restroom yet, but we bring the potty along in the minivan, and he'll let us know when he needs to use it. All in all the process has gone much more smoothly than I ever could have imagined!

He'll still happily exclaim, "I'm going to get another sticker!!" When he is peeing, so I am not completely sure how to stop giving the stickers as a reward, and he's also started to try and put his sticker in the "reward" spot at the end of his chart so he can get his prize sooner! We'll have to find a way to wean him off the sticker chart soon! I'm thinking I might replace it with a soother chart, and see if I can break him of his soother that way. The soother will be much harder than potty training - this I am sure of!

September 7, 2009

Brother & Sister.

Things went really well upon arriving home from the hospital. Connor seems to really enjoy hugging Camryn and holding her.  He has already thrown a sippy cup at her and dumped peach juice on her face though, but I guess that's what big brothers are meant to do! Connoor has been very patient when I am feeding Camryn, and seems to understand that Mommy can't do everything he needs right when he needs it. he has certainly had more tantrums than before, but they don't seem to be related to Camryn, at least not directly. Hell get upset because we can't go outside, or because we can't bake cupcakes, not because I can't play with him right now. All in all, he's pretty much the best big brother ever!

August 28, 2009

Camryn's Birth Story - 9 days long!

I had been having relatively strong Braxton Hicks contractions throughout the night for a few nights, but in the very early morning of August 19, three days after my due date, the contractions seemed to get 'crampy' instead of just tight. That morning when I went to the bathroom, I noticed some blood. I thought this must mean something was happening, so I called Derek, and let him know I was having some mild contractions, but he didn't need to rush home from work, as they were not regular at all, and not painful.

A few minutes later, Derek called back to tell me that his back hurt, but I didn't think too much of it at the time. I continued to have contractions throughout the day, starting to get regular, and as close together as 8 minutes. Derek came home from work and was barely able to walk because of his back, and I took that as a sign that this had to be the day our baby was coming!

After supper, I noticed more blood. Contractions were still there but no longer regular. In the middle of the night, contractions picked up again, and so did the bleeding. I started to worry about how much blood there was, so at 3ish am on Thursday, Aug 20th, we brought Connor to my sister's and headed to the hospital. I was sure that because I was a VBAC, and past my due date, that they would admit and induce me, but that was not the case.

When we arrived at the hospital they hooked me up to the monitors and everything looked fine, but we had to wait until morning to get an ultrasound done to check the location of the placenta to make sure there were no visible abruptions, and that the placenta was not covering my cervix. Both circumstances would require an immediate C-Section. I was sure that the ultrasound would show the placenta over my cervix, because when they checked my original 20 week ultrasound it showed the placenta to be low-lying and close to the opening of my cervix. I should add that since we knew we had to wait until morning for the ultrasound, Derek went to the ER at the hospital to get something for his back so that he would be able to function if I was to have the baby that day.

My ultrasound was at 9:30am, and then I had to wait until after 1pm before Dr Tam came to see me with the results of the ultrasound, which thankfully showed no signs of abruption or previa. She then checked me for dilation and said I was at 1cm, and almost completely effaced. She gave me the option to be induced, or to go home. I decided to go home, and she said that she thought I would have the baby before the end of the weekend, but I was required to go for daily Non-Stress Tests until delivery. Derek was finally done in the ER, and we drove home to have a nap before picking Connor up and bringing him back home.

Contractions continued off and on for the next few days, but not regular, except at night. They never got closer than 10 minutes apart for very long, and there was not any real bleeding with them, so we didn't get too excited. On Saturday, August 22nd, while I was having a bath, contractions seemed to pick up in frequency, coming every 5 minutes, and in intensity. They were to the point that I would have to stop and really focus to get through them. They stayed this way for about an hour, and I had more bleeding, so we phoned my sister to let her know we were bringing Connor over again, and then got everything ready to go. As soon as I called her though, the contractions slowed to about 10-15 minutes apart. But, because of the bleeding, we still went in to the hospital.

I was hooked to the monitors again and then checked, and I was around 1.5cm dilated. The nurse asked us to walk around for an hour and then she would check me again. Derek and I walked from about 11pm to midnight, and contractions picked up again to about 7 minutes apart, and they were pretty painful! I was certain this was it, but when we got back I was dilated to only a 2, so they sent us home, again! The nurse was certain we'd be back in a few hours, but contractions pretty much stopped on the way home, though they still would be painful when they did happen.

I continued to go to my daily non-stress tests ,and continued to have irregular, mildly painful contractions for a number of days, always becoming regular overnight, but never closer together. I went to my 41 week appointment and had my membranes stripped. Dr. Tam assured me that labor had to be close.

On August 24th however, the non stress test showed that the baby was having small heart rate decelerations when I would have a contraction. The nurses called Dr. Tam, and she said all was well because baby recovered quickly, and was very active otherwise. This happened at every NST after the 24th. On August 27th, they noticed a number of decels, and one particularly large one, so they sent me upstairs for further monitoring. Dr. Tam was on call that evening, and met me up in Labor & Delivery. I heard her mention to another nurse that they would have a hard time keeping me, because I really wanted to go into labor on my own (She'd originally wanted to induce me on August 25th, but I asked for August 31st instead.) But - I was exhausted from having contractions all night long every night, and I was getting concerned about the decels on the NST's. It seemed that it was as good a time as any to have a baby, so I said, "Actually, if you want to induce me now, I wouldn't say no!!" Dr. Tam was very happy to agree, so we set to getting things started.

I had been having Derek drive me to the hospital for the NST's and bring Connor along so that I wouldn't have to worry about finding parking, and be late for my appointments. Derek and Connor would go to a park and play until I was ready to go home. This time though, I had forgotten my cell phone(which I do all the time!!!), but, they just happened to be walking in to check on me, and I think I surprised Derek when I said we were going to have a baby! This was probably the least 'in labor' I had been in over a week! So, we phoned my sister, I gave my two boys hugs and kisses, and then Derek headed off to take Connor to my sister's again.

While Derek was dropping off Connor, the nurses got me admitted and Dr. Tam checked me, I was 3cm dilated, so she decided to start the Pitocin drip and see how my baby & my uterus responded to more intense contractions before she would break my water. Because I was a VBAC hopeful, they upped the pitocin at half the rate they would have for a normal induction. Derek was back before the contractions got much stronger than I had been having on my own, and I had called my friend Beth and asked her to come, and she showed up before too long also.

As they picked up in frequency and intensity, so did the back labor that accompanied them. I labored in bed with the monitors on for as long as I could manage, but then I asked if I could stand and move around. They checked me before I got out of bed and for a moment the nurse had thought I was 7cm, but then she found the thinnest layer of cervix, and declared I was still at 3cm. I smacked her on the arm and told her she shouldn't have gotten my hopes up like that!

When I got out of bed I asked for a hot pack that Derek would push into my lower back while I was standing and leaning onto the bed, and I managed to cope with the contractions for quite some time this way. Unfortunately, the fetal monitors did not pick up baby's heart rate very well in this position, so they eventually asked me to lay down in the bed for a 15 minute strip on the monitors. In this position I did not cope very well with the contractions at all, and neither did the baby. There was a significant deceleration with every contraction, but the baby did recover quickly. Dr. Tam suspected the cord was around the baby's neck, but she allowed me to get off the monitors and get into the shower for a while, as we both seemed to cope better when not in bed. The cord around the neck is not always a problem, and we were hoping that the baby could get into a better position so the pressure of the contractions would not compress the cord. I also suspected that the baby was 'sunny side up' because of the intense back labor I was experiencing, and was hoping being upright would help the baby turn posterior. Before getting into the shower I was checked again, and I had made it to 5cm, which was great news to me, that was a full 2cm farther than I had made it with Connor.

Around this time the nurses stopped upping the pitocin. I was at a 42; most regular inductions can see that number as high as 120. While confined to the bed I accepted laughing gas as pain relief. I can't actually say that it lessened the pain, but somehow it helped me cope through the contractions in bed, and while I was in the shower. None of us really kept track of time, but in the early hours of the morning I decided that I needed to have an epidural. I was not coping well with the back pain, and I couldn't keep my body from tensing with each contraction, which was not going to help me dilate! The nurse agreed it was a good idea, she felt that allowing my body to relax would encourage my cervix to progress.

They had me get back in bed to check me before they gave me the epidural, and also because I was feeling some pressure with each contraction. My main nurse, Jenn, was hopeful that maybe I was close to complete, but when she checked me, she didn't even say a number, she just said that the anesthesiologist could go ahead with the epidural. I asked if I was still a 5 and she said yes. I was disappointed, but was still hopeful the epidural might help things along, or at least allow for my body to relax enough that the baby could cope better with the contractions.

Getting the epidural was very hard, because I had to stay completely still while they were placing the needle. I lost it for a bit and said there was no way I could cope with a contraction in the position I had to be in during the epidural placement. Jenn came over and gave me a big bear hug and held me still during the whole thing while in my head I kept repeating, "No contractions now, no contractions now!!" The very second they told me I could move, I got hit with a huge contraction! But every contraction after that became less and less painful.

The problem now though, was that I had to stay in bed, and the baby did not handle contractions well while I was lying on my back, and it also made me feel very, very nauseous. Thankfully the epidural was what's called a "walking epidural" so I was able to move my legs and roll from side to side to see if that helped. Dr. Tam also broke my water around this time, and noticed there was blood in the amniotic fluid. She was concerned, but allowed me to continue to see if labor would progress now that I had the epidural. My nausea went away completely when I was on my side, but unfortunately, the decelerations the baby was having were getting longer, despite being on my side and wearing an oxygen mask.

Dr Tam and the nurses were so very supportive of my wish to VBAC, they gave me every opportunity, and every minute possible to see if things would progress. But, there came a point where even I was thinking this had to be too much for this little baby to cope with, and shortly after that the nurses advised me we'd need to proceed to a C-Section. Though I cried when they said this, I knew it was time... It was time to meet my baby, and it had to happen this way.

Very quickly they got us into the OR. It took a while for my epidural to be upped enough that I didn't feel anything, and then they brought Derek in to sit with me. Things seemed to be going fine, though now that I was once again flat on my back, I was quite nauseous again. Once they had made the incision, they attempted to get the baby out. The baby was indeed sunny side up, and they could actually see baby's face moving back and forth across the incision. Dr Tam's hand got stuck under the baby in my uterus during two contractions, and it seemed they could not get the baby out, even with 5 people pushing on my stomach with unbearable force. The atmosphere in the operating room was very tense, and it seemed like it was impossible to get the baby out. They were pushing and pushing on my belly, and despite being completely numb from the epidural, the pain from the force of the pushing had me crying out.

At one point I turned to Derek and said, "This isn't right!" I was certain that something had gone wrong and that the worst had happened. All through the pregnancy Derek and I had both felt like it was all very surreal, like I wasn't actually pregnant, despite all the very obvious signs. And then when I was in labor for what seemed like forever but nothing ever progressed, we just felt like we were never going to meet this baby. At this moment I was sure all of those feelings happened because I wasn't ever going to see my baby alive. I was terrified.

But, after an eternity, we heard a baby cry. It was such a relief! Everyone was so happy to have the baby out that no one checked the gender. I finally said over the curtain, "Is it a boy or a girl??" And Dr Tam said, "Oh, I didn't even check.. It's a girl!" Then we heard the pediatrician repeat, "It's a girl!!" I turned my head to Derek, "It's a girl?? It's a girl??" And Derek repeated back. "It's a girl!" And we all had tears in our eyes. Though I obviously would have been happy regardless, I was very much hoping for a daughter to complete our family, it was the perfect happy ending to a very long, scary story!

Camryn Mina Mellott was born at 5:59am on August 28, 2009 via emergency C-Section. She weighed 8lbs 1oz, and was 19.5 inches long. Despite having the cord around her neck, facing up into my pubic bone so much that her nose was flattened into her face at first, and having swallowed amniotic fluid with blood and meconium in it, her apgars were 7 and 9, and she didn't need resuscitation at all. Her entrance into this world was a hard one, for both her and I, but she's here, and she's perfect, and I wouldn't change a thing!

We love you baby girl!!

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