February 24, 2010

They're growing up!


It seems like the kids got bigger in the last few weeks. 

Camryn: We started her on rice cereal this week, and she loves it so much, it's incredible! She will literally giggle when she sees the spoon come towards her! It's such a far cry from Connor who would only swallow rice cereal by accident! Camryn has been eagerly groping at our food for over a month now, so I finally gave it a try! I had always planned on waiting until she was 6 months old, but I feel bad now, like I should have started it a month ago! She was Definitely ready!


She's also almost completely sitting unsupported! She does great until she tries to reach for something that is a little too far away! She's had a few soft bonks on the head, but she's a tough little chicklet!

Connor: He's doing excellent in school, and he loves it very much! The teacher has commented on his excellent verbal skills, and how well he keeps up with the other kids, most of which are almost a year older. This of course, makes me pretty much as proud as can be!  

On the other hand though, well, he's three! He's becoming VERY assertive and headstrong. Stubborn like his father, and dramatic like his mother! I've had to carry him kicking and screaming into the van with no coat and shoes more times than I can count - he just refuses to cooperate sometimes, much to my dismay! 

He's a ham though, and I love his silly sense of humor and how he never forgets a thing!

Here he is making a "grumpy" face. And yes, his shirt IS on backwards, because he wanted it that way! 

And here's my happy man... I must have said "monkey butt" because that's pretty much the only way to get a natural smile! Yep - he's 100% boy!


Mom x2 said...

They really are growing up! Cute as can be :)

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