April 9, 2010


The last few weeks, well, a month to be honest, Camryn as been miserable with a capital M!! At first she was sick, to the point where she was so  stuffed up she couldn't sleep unless we held her almost upright, and then when we thought she was getting over that, we found the telltale signs of swollen white gums... Her first tooth popped through on March 27th, and the second followed one week later. For the last  few days I've started to recognize my happy little girl again, thank goodness!  I can see three more on the horizon, but at least I know what to expect this time! I remember Connor being a little cranky when teething, but nothing like this!!!  She looks pretty cute with her new chompers though, am I right?

I guess her new teeth made her want to try out some more textured foods -  she's been really wanting to chew things lately! So, today we made rice for lunch, (always a hit with my picky boy Connor!), and it was a giant hit with Camryn as well, as you will see!

She seems to really LOVE food (just like her mama!) so I am hoping she won't get the picky gene that Connor seems to have, although he's been doing some good eating of late also!

He's especially loving all the candy the plethora of Easter Bunnies brought him, thanks to three sets of Grandparents, and some Aunts and Uncles that also love to spoil! But, even more than chocolate, he likes hunting for Easter eggs! We had to do it two mornings in a row!


Earlier this morning Connor was very eager to play with his dump truck, he will sit on it and ride around on it, but every time he'd drive by Camryn, she'd giggle and reach out to grab it, so, with much nervousness and trepidation, I gently placed Camryn into the dump truck, and let Connor her push her around. I have never seen her smile so big, or giggle so loud! My nervousness subsided enough that I got my wits together and grabbed the camera. Connor actually really seems to shine when he feels 'responsible' for his little sister. He kept saying, "Don't worry Mom, I won't dump her out!" and he even filled the truck with toys for her to play with during her ride!
(Yes, this is what my living room always looks like! I clearly need some better toy storage, or better yet, a playroom!)

One of my goals for this summer is to take the kids out for a bike ride each day, in the hopes of losing that Mommy Tummy! We have a bike trailer, and we bought helmets for the kids to wear, but, Connor's just barely fits, and Camryn's is clearly way too big!

Are helmets mandatory in these things? Being as it's been nearly a decade since I have ridden a bike, I'd feel much better if they were both wearing them, but, what good is a helmet that doesn't fit?


Steven said...

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Pass it on...

Mom x2 said...

So sweet Lori. Camryn is so cute eating rice! I love the big smiley picture! And of course she looks adorable with her new teeth!
I find it so sweet that Connor likes being a big brother so much. He's going to be an amazing brother.

Corinne said...

so cute with her new teeth. Glad Connor loved Easter

The Hunt Family said...

she is without a doubt one of the most BEAUTIFUL baby girls I have ever seen. All babies are cute...but she doesn't fall in that category. She looks almost too mature for a baby. I love her. What a gorgeous girl...it helps that her mom is a knock out too.

Connor is such a good boy. This is a small glimpse into the future. He will always be looking out for her and taking care of her.

Lori said...

Aww, thanks everyone! You are all so sweet! Today I was going through some of Connor's books, and came across the ones we bought when I was pregnant. "I'm going to be a big brother." etc. It made me sad for a moment, to realize that he will always be the big brother, and Camryn will always be the little sister, but then I realized that that's just the way it was meant to be, and they will love being those things!

Kati said...

Simply LOVE the rice photos! Too cute!

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