January 12, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Connor!

For some reason this birthday felt like a big one to me. Connor is turning in to a 'big kid' right before my eyes, and is so wonderful and so terrifying all mushed in together!

Maybe it's especially emotional for me now that I have Camryn and I remember that Connor used to be as small as she is.  It's amazing to see the beginning again, when it seems like an eternity ago that Connor was a baby.

This year we celebrated with dinner out at Chuck-E-Cheese on Connors actual Birthday, with our good friends Beth and Jamie.
Connor had a really good time, and wanted to play rather than eat, which is pretty much the essence of what is Connor.

We waited to open presents until after we got home, even though it was already a late night!
I actually wasn't planning on even making Connor a cake, since he doesn't really eat cake, but at the last minute I thought I could make a cake that resembled a piece of lego, and with Connor's help, I think it turned out not too shabby!
Connor had been asking for a soccer ball for his birthday, even going as far as to explain that he woudl know just which one it was because it would be wrapped like a circle! Well, of course we had to oblige!

I think Connor may still need a little practice with it though - something to work on when the weather turns nice!
All in all, Connor's third Birthday was a great success! It was fun seeing him really understand what it meant! If you ask him when his birthday is, he can tell you it's January 12th! We also celebrated at Auntie Theresa and Uncle Gord's house on the 16th of January. It was a combined party for all the January birthdays in our family: Mine- January 9th, Uncle Gord, January 11th, Connor - January 12th, Derek's - January 15th, and Emree, Connor's cousin, January 22!


Mom x2 said...

I loved seeing the birthday pictures. Connor's so smart (soccer ball comment!). Happy Birthday to all of you!

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